Joe Santora - Vocals
a.k.a. Joey Shaker

Joe has been writing, recording, and producing music for over 25 years.  At age 14, he began what became a lifetime musical calling as lead vocalist in a garage band, covering old Stones, Animals and Beatles tunes.  Soon tiring of  just playing other peoples music,  Joe began looking for a talented instrumentalist with whom he might be able to collaborate more seriously with.

He worked with guitarist /songwriter Marlin "Rusty" Wright for three years.  Throughout this time their Simon and Garfunkelesque duo "Santora and Bartholomew," achieved considerable local success and recognition.  In 1968.  Joe began a musical association with guitarist/arranger Peter Zaage which continues to this day. In the early seventies Joe had a chance to look behind the scenes in the music industry working in the promotional department of  Fox Fanfare Music at Twentieth Century Fox.

In 1993, Joe and Peter along with Den DeRado and Sean Tuohy, two talented younger musicians they had been jamming with, formed "Joey Shaker."  First as lead vocalist of SaintRock and now as front man for "Joey Shaker," Joe's antics on stage guarantee the audience a very spontaneous and chaotic time.

As Executive Producer of Common Era Records, Joe has co-produced dozens of CD's, most notably, eight for SaintRock, three for Joey Shaker and three for Earth Inc.


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