Peter Zaage - Bass

Peter began his musical studies on classical guitar at age 15. Serious about his commitment to guitar, he studied for five years with concert guitarist Alberto Valdes Blaine (himself a student of world renowned virtuoso, Andreas Segovia). Along with his love of classical music was his equal desire to excel at rock, jazz, and pop, being as strongly influenced by the Beatles, Stones, and Charley Byrd as he was by Bach.

In 1968, Peter hooked up with singer/songwriter Joe Santora and so began a lifetime musical association spanning many years and spawning hundreds of great songs. In 1973 they established CER, the first muti-track recording studio where they grew up on Staten Island, N.Y. Together Peter and Joe have produced CD's for many different artists, including eight CD's for their band of 25 years, SaintRock, and three CD's for their current band "Joey Shaker." As Chief  Engineer of CER Studios, the expertise of Peter's abilities in the control room have been forever preserved on the dozens of CD's he has recorded and produced.

In 1993 Peter and Joe began jamming with two talented local musicians, Den DeRado and Sean Tuohy.  The Chemistry and musical taste the four seemed to have in common was immediately apparent.  Not long after, "Joey Shaker" was born. Currently his musical passion is playing innovative bass and 12 string guitar in "Joey Shaker."


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